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 Do you have religion?

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PostSubject: Do you have religion?   9/15/2014, 08:54

Do you have religion?Do you believe there are many of people don't join any religion?I am one of them.Recently I just realized that why I always ask myself what's the meaning of life?My friend told me the purpose of human life is having a hope.But I just want to know where does hopes come from?If we are in trouble or we want some good lucky turns to ourselves ,we normally go to the temple.I had a 3 years experiences went to the temple to pray my slippers business goes well and praymy family's members are healthy. Do you think that's a shame story?I think the meaning of life is not only hope that also should be get some positive power from somewhere.So I think no matter what kind of religion you choose as long as you canget energy from it ,then that is a good thing.
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PostSubject: Re: Do you have religion?   11/24/2015, 13:26

Religion - Who knows better than a person who travels dozens of countries every year. I know that every person believes in his own religion and gives his religion top priority. However, God doesn't want us to be separate from each other just because on the basis of religion. God made the man, and it was the man who made religions.

Watch this France Travel Video for more information about the country, its culture and religion.
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Do you have religion?
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